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Also known as pen-test or ethical hacking. Is a way to check security and defense of data, systems, networks and applications of your company. All web application are targets for criminals and malicious people. A great many websites have a lot of valuable information such as, addresses, credit card info and other personal or sensitive data. For your data and applications the effective security must be sufficient to detect most attacks and stop them.

A recurring part of a pen-test is to investigate how the application deals with unexpected user input (input validation). If the application doesn't filter these input properly it is going to be a weak link in the chain which can give a hacker access to your system. Other known vulnerabilities who are evaluated: weak passwords, access control implementation, error messages which gave too much info, out-of-date software and software configuration. A good source to understand what can go wrong and how sever some vulnerabilities are, you can find here OWASP.

An automated pen-test is only the beginning, it only stops some attacks. Criminals and hackers are often very creative and use their skills to execute a well-prepared attack specially for your system or application. This means there has to be also a custom pen-test conducted on your system to be effective, you can fill in this form to get a tuned quote.


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